How To Deal With QuickBooks Error 301, 393?

This error arises when there is an issue in communicating between QuickBooks and your bank. Now, remember that you must back up your files before doing these steps.

Steps to fix this error:

Step 1: Make a dummy company file: this will help in understanding the error which is caused due to the problem with your bank or in QuickBooks.

  • Make a new company file
  • Press express start
  • Fill all the necessary info in the setup window and choose the creative company.

If you don’t see any error: its states that the bank does not have any problem and you must do the troubleshooting, if your same error still arises: its says the problem is linked with the bank. If you currently installed QuickBooks, so you need to log in before using any online services. After login in your bank, check the notification about the security. If it does not show any message, then you should contact the bank.

Step 2: Rearrange the connection of your bank: you have to do because your bank has upgraded its online banking services.

  • Close your bank account notifications, which is having a problem.
  • Now open your bank account notifications and refresh your QuickBooks.
  • Do the same task when you are trying to do at the time you got the error.

If still, this error occurs, then do these next steps.

Step 3: Reset banking connections: you need to do reset your all accounts including which are not in use.

  • In the list menu, choose a chart of accounts.
  • From the menu, choose include activities.
  • Close your bank feeds from all the active and inactive accounts.
  • If you have two or more accounts with the same name merge both the accounts.
  • Now, shutdown and reopen the QuickBooks.
  • Open your bank feeds for all accounts and performs the task which you want to do.

If your problem is still perceived, then follow the next steps.

Step 4: Have an eye on your company data.

  • It can be possible that the data has some issues.
  • Find out and fix these issues by installing the rebuild tool twice.
  • If the rebuild tool twice doesn’t solve these problems, then you should connect with the data recovery options.

Step 5: Make a connection with your bank.

  • If your problem is still causing you than there is no issue in data and contact your bank and must be familiar with the QuickBooks online banking and account activation.

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