How To Fix QuickBooks Error 1904?

The QuickBooks Error 1904 pops up whenever the critical system files are missing and the computer system gets a little unstable. The error that you are presently facing, would be resolved instantly by the resolution methods that are given below. 

These errors continue to happen if your computer system doesn’t get maintained or is hit by a virus or any malware. There are different ways to fix QuickBooks errors, either you can read the steps and methods given below to come over the issue, or you can also take help from our expert team that is always available to assist you to resolve the issue instantly. 

It has been proven by the customer experience, that QB is one of the best accounting software for medium-sized organisations and firms, but with the great experience, some of the active users have even mentioned about few errors that they often get while using QuickBooks. One of them is QuickBooks Error 1904, which has been discussed below.

Reason of Occurrence of Error 1904 in Quickbooks

  1. One of the recurring Cause is the presence of some incorrect files.quickbooks-error-1904
  2. There can be an issue in the Update or the firmware of the Operating System of windows that you are currently using.
  3. The computer system might not have been rebooted.
  4. There is a possibility of some damaged component or file of MS Visual C++.
  5. QuickBooks Error code 1904 is occurred by a damaged file setting.

Note: If you come across this error code in QuickBooks, you may see a message on your desktop “ Error 1904: [file path /extension/name] failed to register”

Remember these things before you start if you have these points then move to special cases mention at the last:

  • Using of Bitdefender.
  • Recently installation of adobe flash in your system.
  • This error message in your system about the QB version Tool .dll.

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Steps to fix QuickBooks Error 1904:

Step 1: Download diagnostic tool and work on QuickBooks.

  • If you recently download the latest version of windows then on QB Install diagnostic tool to cure this error.
  • Click ignore in the window of the message and close the installation process of QuickBooks.
  • Now it’s a very important step you don’t need to open QuickBooks.
  • Shut down the system and open the system.
  • Install and work on the QuickBooks install diagnostic tool software.
  • Again you need to close your system and open it.

Now all problem is fixed you can open the QuickBooks and if you still face the problem move to the next step.

Step 2: The account of the windows setting must be changed.

Work on the windows administrator account to make a few changes for the proper functioning of the system. Work on the windows administrator account.

  • Click on the start menu on the left side in your home screen of windows desktop.
  • Search the cmd and then select the run as administrator.
  • Now write “net user administrator /active; yes” in your command window and click ok.
  • Now start opening the windows menu and sign out from it as all needed process is completed.
  • Go to the administrator account and log in and there is no password needed.

Make a new setting for your permissions.

  • Go to start menu in your system and write “file explorer” and run on it.
  • Find the C:\Program Files\Common Files.
  • Select the common files and press the properties.
  • Select the Security tab and press edit.
  • In the sections of “groups or user names”, press users.
  • Now allow the permissions from the permission for users section.
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Once again download the QuickBooks and logout.

  • Following these steps, you will gain detailed instructions for how to install Quick Books desktop and it will not impact any exciting file.
  • When the downloading is finished go to start menu and logout from the administrator account.
  • Log into your account and go to start menu of your system.
  • Write “cmd” into the search tab and go running as administrator.
  • Write “net user administrator /active: no” in the system and select enter its helps in hiding your administrator account.

Special cases to fix this error.

Using of Bitdefender.

  • Disabling of Bitdefender doesn’t help in fixing this error.
  • If you are using a 32-bit system, then add “C:\Program Files\Common Files.”
  • If you are using a 64-bit system, then add “C:\Program Files\Intuit (C:\Program Files(x86)\Intuit.”

Recently installation of adobe flash in your system.

  • Go to start menu in your system and search for the “notepad” and open it.
  • Now write the “QBTEST” in a note of your system.
  • Save the file or to either “C:\Program Files\Common Files” or “C:\Program Files(x86)\Common Files.”

This error message in your system about the QB version Tool.

  • Go to start menu and logout.
  • Sign in the administrator account.
  • Download the QuickBooks as an administrator in your system.

Now, after this, the issue may have got resolved; if the Quickbooks error 1904 persists, we are just a call away.

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