quickbooks error-6000-78

How To Fix QuickBooks Error-6000-78 ?

QuickBooks error 6000 78 majorly appears when program is being installed in the computer system or when accounting software QuickBooks is running in the system or when windows of the system is starting or shutting down or even when windows operating system is being installed in the computer system.


  • Current program windows is being crashed.
  • Error 600078 occurs rapidly when QuickBooks accounting software is being accessed.
  • computer’s windows doe not actively connect with mouse and the keyboard.
  • Your computer system gets hanged for seconds in between of usage.


  • QuickBooks accounting software is installed in the computer system incompletely.
  • Recent updated software of QuickBooks is corrupted.
  • Your firewall system is unable to protect your computer system.
  • Important files connecting to QuickBooks have been deleted.


TECHNIQUE 1- Scanning Computer System to clear the viruses.

  • Error 6000 78 can occur because of the presence of viruses and malware in the computer system. These interrupt in between the working of QuickBooks accounting software and can be the reason for the occurrence of QuickBooks error 600078.

TECHNIQUE 2- Clearing out Junk present in the computer system.

  • Go to start button.
  • Search for “command” in the search box but remember not to press enter.
  • Press control-shift and now press the enter key along.
  • A pop up box will appear on screen. Click on yes.
  • Now you will observe a black box with a blinking cursor.
  • In this box write “cleanmgr” and press enter along
  • Now disk cleaning process will start and you will observe calculations for occupied disk space in your computer system.
  • Now tick the boxes you want to remove and press ok thereafter.

TECHNIQUE 3- Changes in the undo settings of computer system.

  • Press the start button.
  • Search for system restore in the search box and press enter key along.
  • Now click on system restore which will appear on screen.
  • If the system asks for any passwords provide it with the same.
  • Follow the steps that are mentioned in the wizard.
  • Now restart your computer system.

TECHNIQUE 4 – Update the windows.

  • Go to start.
  • Search for update and press enter along.
  • Windows update pop up box will appear on screen.
  • If any updates are present then go to “install updates” button.

TECHNIQUE 5 – Clean the windows which is installed.

  • This method is the final fix to the QuickBooks error 600078 as this will remove every data and file from the hard drive of computer and refresh the computer and will thus remove all the errors.

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